Running theses and research assistant jobs

Bachelor theses

  • Unfortunately there is nothing available in this category at the moment

Master theses

Distributed price-based secondary control - Framework for simulation and testing -
Control Energy Systems Software Theory Matlab Laboratory Work
Bearbeiter: Simon Scheurich, Betreuer: Johannes Börner, Zeitraum: 14.11.2017-14.05.2018
Estimation of MILP dispatch parameters for different power plants
Optimization Energy Systems Numerics Software Matlab GAMS
Bearbeiter: Mario Beykirch, Betreuer: Tim Janke, Zeitraum: 16.10.2017-16.04.2018
Implications on the electrical power generation capacities from photovoltaic and wind power stations by the competitive bidding systems in Germany
Energy Systems Software Matlab
Bearbeiter: Philipp Ganss, Betreuer: Florian Steinke, Zeitraum: 01.01.2018-01.07.2018
Software defined Networking und virtual Controller Functions
Control Energy Systems Software Matlab Laboratory Work
Bearbeiter: Anisch Bawer, Betreuer: Johannes Börner, Zeitraum: 05.02.2018-05.08.2018

Project seminars

Modelling and Implementation of PV sources as VSI
Control Energy Systems Matlab English German
Bearbeiter: Florian Schopp, Betreuer: Johannes Börner, Zeitraum: 05.02.2018-05.05.2018

Research assistant jobs

  • Unfortunately there is nothing available in this category at the moment


Good knowledge of C/C++ required
Good knowledge of Java required
Good knowledge of Matlab required
Good knowledge of GAMS required
Probabilistic modelling required
Numerical optimization required
Control theory required
Knowledge of energy management required
Literature study
Use and implementation of numerical algorithms
Development of integrated software solutions
Theoretical research
Written thesis preferred to be in English
Written thesis preferred to be in German
Laboratory work
Challenging topic
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