Carolin Ayasse

M.Sc. Carolin Ayasse

Long-term decarbonization of urban energy systems

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Research Interest

General Research Interest:

  • Energy system design optimization
  • Municipal heat planning (Kommunale W√§rmeplanung)
  • Data availability for energy system models
  • Uncertainty analysis of energy system models

Research Project:

The Heat Planning Act (Wärmeplanungsgesetz), which came into force on 01.01.2024, aims to decarbonise the heat supply in Germany by 2045. Heat in a municipality can be provided by a variety of different centralised and decentralised technologies. With increasing requirements for energy systems to achieve climate targets, centralised solutions are of increasing importance. They involve distributing heat from one or more central producers to various consumers via heating networks. Furthermore, the energy demands of buildings can be reduced in the long term through building retrofits. Given the variety of variables and the complexity of the problem, optimization models can be used to find the cost-optimal way to decarbonize energy systems.

Obtaining data is a major challenge when working with these energy system models. Often, the required data does not exist or cannot be used without further consideration for data protection reasons. If data is available, it is often of inadequate quality and requires time-consuming pre-processing. Our research focuses on the development of optimisation models for the decarbonisation of urban energy systems, taking the aforementioned aspects into account.

Open theses

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Short Bio

  • Since 2023: PhD Student at EINS
  • 2020-2023: M.Sc. Energy Science and Engineering at TU Darmstadt
  • 2016-2020: B.Sc. Environmental Engineering at TU Darmstadt