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Supervisor: Julia Barbosa
Earliest start: immediately
Type: Bachelor Theses

Understanding the energy demand is a major requirement for the planning and operation of sustainable energy systems. In the electricity sector, high resolution data collection is already a feature of many systems. Nevertheless, as the meters usually aggregate several different loads, the energy system modeler rarely has visibility of each load individually. In fact, the loads may not even be known completely. While installing independent meters is not financially – and in some cases, technically - feasible, using statistical tools to identify independent loads can provide important insights into the overall system and its optimization potentials.

This Bachelor thesis will study the high-resolution measurements of the electricity demand of different buildings on the campus Lichtwiese. The task is to determine independent load profiles by decomposing the measured values of the electricity demand. For this propose, the student will review previous literature in similar problems and apply at least one method to the available campus data. The goal is to obtain decomposed profiles which relate to the existing demand processes and can be used for further study of the campus Lichtwiese energy system.

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Operational Carbon Mitigation Potential of Flexible Multi-Energy Systems: A Case Study

Christopher Ripp ; Julia Barbosa ; Florian Steinke :
*accepted* Operational Carbon Mitigation Potential of Flexible Multi-Energy Systems: A Case Study.
To appear in: 2021 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference Europe (ISGT-Europe 2021), virtual Conference, 18.-21.10.2021,
[Conference Contribution] [TUDBiblio][BibTeX], (2021)