Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (for ESE)

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. F. Steinke, Prof. Dr. V. Hinrichsen, Prof. Dr. G.Griepentrog

Contact persons: Rashid Hussain, M.Sc., Thanh Lich Nguyen, M.Sc.


Euler’s formula, plane of complex numbers, variables of electrical engineering, vector and rotating fields, Coulombs law, Maxwell relation, electrical displacement density, Gauss theorem, capacity, inductivity, operational amplifier, non-linear parts, electric induction, law of refraction, theorem of Kirchhoff, Ohm’s law, periodic and non-periodic processes, transfer locus, power calculation, transformers, transmission line equations, travelling waves, Fourier series and transformation

Type of course: lecture two times per week (3h), exercise once per week (1,5h)

Language: Englisch

Requirements for successful participation:

  • Bachelor degree
  • Mathmatical Basics

Verwendbarkeit: M.Sc. ESE

TUCAN ID: 18-st-3020-ue, 18-st-3020-vl


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