Running theses and research assistant jobs

Project seminar

    Aufrüstung bestehender MBus-Überwachungsnetzwerke
    Student: Richard Säuberlich, Supervisor: Christopher Ripp, Time period: 01.01.2020-29.02.2020

Bachelor theses

    Entwicklung eines automatisierten Datenmanagementkonzepts für EnEff Campus
    Student: Philipp Kaul, Supervisor: Christopher Ripp, Time period: 20.01.2020-20.04.2020
    Identification of critical controllers and measurements in distribution networks with uncertain prosumers
    Control Software Matlab Programming
    Student: Langqi Song, Supervisor: Edwin Mora, Time period: 13.05.2020-12.10.2020

Master theses

    Automatisierte Modellupdates zur Berücksichtigung von Alterungseffekten in der Betriebsoptimierung industrieller Energiesysteme
    Student: Nianyu He, Supervisor: Mario Beykirch , Time period: 02.01.2020-02.07.2020
    N-1 minimal control policy for constrained linear power networks with uncertain prosumers
    Optimization Control Software Theory Matlab Programming Challenging
    Student: Jiyuan Yang, Supervisor: Edwin Mora, Time period: 13.04.2020-12.10.2020
    Vertical Load Flow Forecasting Based on LSTMs and Transfer Learning
    Student: Quing Du, Supervisor: Tim Janke, Time period: 17.02.2020-17.08.2020

Control Control theory required
Software Development of integrated software solutions
Matlab Good knowledge of Matlab required
Programming Programming skills required
Optimization Numerical optimization required
Theory Theoretical research
Challenging Challenging topic
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