Director of the Institute

Prof. Dr. Florian Steinke

Office and Administration

Tina van der Does

Scientific Staff

Ph.D Roozbeh Abolpour
Optimization and control theory and application
S3|10 309
M.Sc. Carolin Ayasse
Long-term decarbonization of urban energy systems
M.Sc. Julia Barbosa
Contracting in Modern Multi-Energy Systems
M.Sc. Mario Beykirch
Stochastic optimization
M.Sc. Andreas Bott
State estimation in distributed heat networks
M.Sc. Andrei Eliseev
Comparing the Resilience of Different Kinds of Network Models
M.Sc. Benedikt Grüger
Time-scales in power grid transients
M.Sc. Sina Hajikazemi
Adversarial attack on energy system models
M.Sc. Jonas Hülsmann
Explainable Energy Systems
M.Sc. Kirill Kuroptev
Stress testing of electric power systems and energy markets
M.Sc. Sara Mollaeivaneghi
Market Power in Local Energy Markets
M.Sc. Martin Pietsch
Distribution Grid Restoration
M.Sc. Hans Stenglein

External Staff

M.Sc. Tobias Gebhard
Residential Power Demand Modeling
M.Sc. Domenico Tomaselli
Data-driven modelling of electrical distribution grids

Technical Staff

Markus Baier
IT System Administrator


M.Sc. Simon Ackermann
Uncertainty quantification for energy management & plant design
M.Sc. Johannes Börner
Distributed, resilient power control
M.Sc. Tim Janke
Probabilistic price forecasting for electricity markets
Dr.-Ing. Edwin Mora
Resilient grid automation systems
M.Sc. Christopher Ripp
Industrial energy management
Dr.-Ing. Allan Santos
Robust optimization in network systems